We all have the power within us to shift the things that we want into our reality. In fact, there is a high probability that you’ve already done this! In order to become masters at manifesting the things we want, we need to understand how it actually works. The main focus is how you feel about the particular subject that your are trying to create. You have to feel clean positive emotion about the subject in mind. The better you feel about it, the faster you can shift yourself closer to your desired outcome.

Before you even start thinking about what it is that you want, you need to feel exceptionally good. It doesn’t matter what you do to get there, but you need to get there. Listen to your favorite song. Watch a funny YouTube video. Rub your face on your cat if you have to. The first step is to feel joy. Good feelings are the fuel to this entire endeavor.

The equation to manifest things quickly is as follows:

The Higher/Happier/     X     The More Consecutive Time        =       The Faster You Will Manifest

Purer the Thought                Spent Focusing on the Subject

How fast something comes to you is directly associated with how long you can sustain a positive string of pure thoughts about the thing that you want.

We can create anything so long as we focus on the end result. What can you do to get yourself closer to really feeling it? To feeling that excitement you feel when you book your vacation trip, or you kiss your new beau, or you get the car you wanted? You want to go on vacation? Start packing, look up sights you want to see, pull up the music they play there! Live in that thrilling sensation of being wherever it is that you want. It’s not enough to imagine it, the feeling of happiness associated with it has to consume you.

Know that you deserve this. You deserve to be loved by someone magnificent. You deserve to have peace of mind. You deserve to have a job that satisfies you. You need to know that you are worthy of whatever it is that you want. Who you are is enough to have good things. You are not a product of your circumstances, you are a product of how you feel and think. No matter what has happened in your life or where you’ve been or done, you deserve everything this world has to offer. You deserve to hold the image of yourself as you want yourself to be in the highest regard.trailer movie Blair Witch

There are certain things in life that you just know. To what degree do you know that the sky is blue and that gravity makes things fall? Your belief in your ability to obtain what you want has to exhibit the same sureness. You need to just know, without a glimpse of a doubt that whatever you desire already exists for you. The reality of you having it all is already out there in the realm of possibility. Every time you feel the joy of having it and expecting it, you shift closer to that reality. Your trust in your abilities to manifest has to be so strong, that no doubt can infiltrate your mind. Developing this amount of certainty can take a little practice, but is so worth it. Mantra meditations can help instill within you that expectation of your certain desire and sureness in your unlimited ability. Try the mantra “All things I desire flow to me.”

Let Go. When you order something online, do you go on trying to figure out what kind of packaging will be used, or the kind of wheels the truck will have? There is no need to dwell on “how” what you want will make its way to you. What do you typically do after you order something? You think about what it will be like when you have it and a peace of mind exists because you know it’s on its way. This is how the Universe works. When you want something, the Universe will find the most efficient way to deliver this to you. You must be willing to keep an open mind. What you want may come to you in a way you hadn’t thought about before. By focusing solely on the result, you allow the fastest, most beneficial channel to be opened in order to deliver what you want to you. So you might as as well let it all go and find happiness and peace in this moment. Many times our fixation on how something will come about will cause us to miss an opportunity to a better path. Find your state of non-resistance and live happily ever after!

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