Take a deep breath in. 

Exhale your breath slowly. Ease your mind. Life is good.

In “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill describes the first step to manifesting any particular creation is to create within yourself a “burning desire” for it. Take this a step further in the right direction and you create a “positive desire.” A desire that no longer burns, but excites. 

Is it right to want money? Is it right to want sex? Is it right to desire a comfortable luxurious life? Is it right to want to live better than everyone else?

The short answer is… absolutely. Many of the things we believe we want, we only allow ourselves to want as a pipe-dream. Most people don’t let themselves want what they can’t afford, what’s out of their league, or beyond their means. We have yet to let ourselves want our true goals with our mind, our body, and our soul. 

It’s like the superheroes who save the day and refuse any money in return. Maybe society has made us feel as if feels more noble to only desire little things. The truth is, it’s natural to want. Those desires that have been churning in your mind for years and have yet to come to fruition, it’s a promise that you haven’t allowed yourself to want and desire them truly with your energy in a joyous way. We all have those particular things in our life that we have yet to embrace the desire for in the way a child would! It’s right for you to want with your soul for that fantastic person that has all the attributes to be the perfect exciting fit. It’s right that you let your body want the kind of mind-blowing sexual experiences to satisfy completely. It’s right that your heart desires the abundance that will provide a life of your greatest self experience. Become positively passionate. You deserve it!

The key is to let yourself want in a positive, invigorating way.  That yearning or desperate feeling is the opposite of what you want. You want to positively approve of those that have those desires already! The real differnce in how you go about wanting something in a positive way is to do it with that feeling of “Yes! That looks awesome! I want that!”. This puts it in your psyche as pleasure to move towards. That positive feeling will draw your brain toward figuring out a way to that outcome. Find joy in the wanting of that particular desire! Only think of it when you have those powerful good feelings! If at any point the wanting feels off or even slightly less positive than that feeling of powerful flow, drop that subject! Always remember, emotion is the first priority.

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Find that positive place. Then let yourself reach out with the energy of your positive wanting and flow from you and take hold of that thing you desire. Feel that state of positive desire drawing it toward you. It makes you feel alive and excited when done correctly. Then let it go and think completely about other things that make you as happy as you can. This is a powerful combination.

What’s it feel like to have your desire already? Write it down! Chart it out. Spend your entire day in the bliss of it! Expect things to go your way! Be the rock-star you were born to be. Feel the joy of having your desire, and you will find those things you’ve always wanted actually have wanted you all along!

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