Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine
and at last you create what you will.
– George Bernard Shaw

You can find various courses on the law of attraction that offer powerful manifestation techniques. Most of them are based on the fact that everything is energy and when you begin to resonate on a certain frequency you are able to manifest your wishes. Nevertheless, there are certain essential rules to ensure that conducting manifestation techniques will bring your wish into reality.

1. Be in the point of “Here and Now”

When you are stuck in the past or go too far into the future, you lose a lot of energy. Your energy flows where your attention lies. When you are in the point of “here and now” you are able to concentrate in order to create the hologram of your wish and give it more energy to be manifested.

2. Silence is golden

When you brag to everyone about your wish and manifestation techniques you are about to do, you waste the energy that was committed to that wish of manifestation. The Universe might get confused whether you want to direct your energy towards just talking about your wish or actually doing something in order to manifest your wish.

3. Avoid the middleman

When you are making a wish, it should not be a condition to another wish. Wishing for a million dollars that will buy you a house on the beach, a nice luxury car and vacation of your lifetime makes the million dollars your middleman. You are actually dealing with three separate wishes: a house, a car and a vacation. Reach deep down to what you really want in order to concentrate on manifestation of your true wish without conditions.

4. Ecology of wish making

Keep in mind the law of karma or cause and effect. When you wish to harm someone or your wish is destructive in nature, you eventually bring it on yourself. Make sure that your wishes are in harmony with Nature.

5. Direction of your wish

Your wishes should be directed towards yourself. It is useless to wish for someone to do something or become someone they don’t want to be. Even if it is your children, after they turn 21, they are considered adults in the eyes of the Universe (see “7 Chakra Life Cycles …” to know more about the cycles of life). If you wish for someone to change – be the example. You can be the one who can manifest his or her wishes and stay happy.

6. Time is energy

 Some people say that time is money and it is true. Both time and money are energy on different frequencies. Just keep in mind that some wishes may require more energy of time than others. It all depends on their complexity and the amount of energy of different frequency that is needed for their manifestation.

7. Follow the signs

The vital part of making a wish come true is following the signs after you have successfully conducted a manifestation technique. The Universe will guide you towards your wish manifestation using the language it knows. Be ready to notice the signs so you can make the choices that will lead you towards turning your wish into reality.

8. Stairs to manifestation

There is no elevator to wish manifestation – you have to take the stairs. If you want your wish to produce long lasting results, then you have to take things step by step. Be realistic in your wish making no matter how powerful manifestation techniques you are using are.

9. Mission of your Higher-self

There is no news in the fact that everyone has their own Spirit or Higher-Self. We are here on this planet with a certain purpose. Thus, if we want our wishes to manifest smoothly, then we should wish for things that are within the limits of our Higher-Self mission.

And one more very important thing, after manifestation techniques produce desired results and the Universe grants you your wish, don’t forget to enjoy it as much as you can! The emotional energy of gratitude that you invest in the manifested wish will become the foundation to manifestation of your wishes on the next level of your own spiritual evolution!

Watch the following video for more insights and share these rules with a friend if they resonate with you!

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