Now you may be wondering what a Business Growth Expert like me is doing talking to you about keeping your body fit and health, when I should be focused on your business; but believe me, when I say, there is a strong connection between  your physical and your professional success. So, while the main focus with my clients may be on strategies for business growth, I always integrate the importance of overall health.

For years we have known, and more research is constantly being uncovered, on the strong link between peak performance and overall health. As a motivational speaker and business coach, my goal is to ensure my clients and audiences reach their full potential, and that includes keeping our bodies strong and fit.

But hey I get it, when we work for ourselves, or work in a busy office, it is hard enough just to find the time to get the job done, let alone make time to eat right and exercise. Your schedule is full before you even make your “to do” list, so yes finding the time to prioritize health is at best a challenge.

That is exactly the reason I created, for myself and my clients, my Five Innovative Ideas For Staying In Shape On The Run. I think one of the biggest myths about staying in shape is that it takes a lot of time or it is hard, when all it really takes is a little pre-planning and commitment. Two things, that as successful professionals, we have mastered.

5 Innovative Ideas For Ensuring Success

  1. Ten Minute Rule – did you know that you do not have to do a workout all at once to get the benefits? There are many a day when I cannot create pockets of time big enough for a full 30-minute or an hour-long workout, so that is when I apply the ten-minute rule. First thing in the morning I get up and just move for ten minutes (push ups, squats) – then I grab ten minutes at lunch (walk around the block) – and then ten minutes at night (repeat of morning or noon.) Put it all together, and I did get a 30-minute workout after all.
  2. Water First – first thing always! Before morning coffee, before every meal and before I go to bed. Water gets my metabolism moving, and keeps it going; “tricking” me into thinking I am not as hungry.
  3. Dietary Restrictions – whenever I get asked this question (at restaurants, conferences etc.) I always say yes. However, I do not opt for their dietary restrictions of vegetarian or gluten-free – others options of these versions can be unhealthy and calorie packed. Instead I say yes my dietary restriction is “healthy” and I ask for vegetables, fish or meat with no sauces (on the side please) and salad with no dressing or on the side.
  4. Call Ahead – airports and hotels – okay this may seem a little over the top, but wow it works great. I just call the airport I am traveling through, or hotel I am staying at, and the most healthy food vendors or restaurants. Yes, even in airports there are options. Finding healthy options ahead of time makes sure I make smart choices.
  5. Layover Spa – flight delayed or have to arrive early – no problem. Instead of comfort snack or a drink at the bar, head to the x-press spa. You will feel so much better, and stay so much healthier with 15-minutes in their massage chair, or a 20-minute neck and back rub.

Now, I would love to hear from you!  I am always looking for new ideas and ways to add to my “on the run fitness challenge.” Shoot me an email, and let me know your ideas. Together, we can turn the tide, and keep our bodies and our careers in peak performance shape!

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