Many people lack time to exercise especially those who works at offices. Therefore, they add too much weight while sitting at those comfortable office seats. Exercise is important for building strong bones and general body fitness and should not be neglected in the name of being too busy. There are simple exercises that can be done in the office before or after workday. However, if you are too lazy to sacrifice that time, there are also suitable exercises for you that you can do in the comfort of your office. Below, I describe stretching office exercises you may find beneficial for your health.

1. Spine-popping chatter box stretch exercise

This exercise is very interesting in that none of your work colleagues will even notice you are exercising. What you do is position your legs in such a way that they cross each other. Then alternately turn towards the back and apply the rear-facing posture. Maybe even comment on your colleagues work with a lot of admiration to remain inconspicuous. The effectiveness of this exercise without any quarrels with anyone will depend on your creativity on what you will tell your neighbor. When you do this exercise, always exhale as you stretch. It helps to keep the backbone flexible.

2. The Daydream

This exercise requires one to raise each elbow to the opposite side of the head. Then try thinking about you best wishes in life to help you keep the posture for a longer time and hence the name ‘daydream’. This will enable you to align your backbone, waist, neck and areas around the shoulders. Remain in this posture for some time.

3. The carpet gazer

Most of us do our work in offices while we are seated and sometimes pens and some other stationery items fall. Some people ask their colleagues who are closer to the item to pick it up. Stop being a source of disturbance to your colleagues and try this exercise. While you are seated, stretch your leg towards the object while you stare at the carpet and use the leg to bring the object closer to you. This only applies when the object is at a reasonable distance that you can reach. If that is not the case, you have to be in your personal office to do the alternate version. The second version requires you to sit in your seat, make your legs straight then stretch your hands towards your feet as you stare at the carpet. This will help you to prevent complications such as backaches related to sitting for long periods.

4. The ‘who cares I am at work’ shrug

Sometimes people perform good exercises in the name of communicating with other people using body language. Some shrug their shoulders to refuse something, others to say yes and to say I don’t know depending on the facial expressions and the locality. However, research on physical fitness has confirmed body language to be a great exercise for shoulder joints and the neck. What one is required to do is to raise both your shoulders to the ears then return them back. This can be done in the comfort of your seat or even while saying absolutely yes when talking to the boss. Repeat this number of times to make it more effective. This exercise can also be performed at home.

5. The half-bear hug exercise

This is a kind of exercise that is done by many, especially ladies, when they are applying nail polish on their toenails while seated on the floor or when seated on the chair and are too lazy to bend to reach their nails which is also another back stretch exercise. In this exercise, you need to sit in a posture where you hug your knee. Hug one knee at a time and spend about 1-2 minutes on the same posture then change. I know this will raise a lot of comments from your colleagues who will witness you do that. But here is a solution; Make it a joke by telling them you are trying to remind yourself of child memories and no one will bother you again. This exercise helps in strengthening and flexibility of the leg joints.


The stretching exercises above help in exercising body joints and reducing cases of severe back pain due to standing or sitting in a certain posture for too long. They are the simplest exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime without using too much energy. Therefore, if you are unable to go to the gym try these stretching exercises. They are easy and will never make you tired.

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