This mediation app, called the 21 –Day Mediation Challenge is produced by the Chopra Center. I discovered it through a search for “free meditation apps.” When I noticed it was from the Chopra Center it peaked my curiosity.

This is a new app dated February 2013. I downloaded the app from the store and once it was on my iPad, I opened it to a pleasant screen that comprise three sections: left side, a listing of meditations to choose from, the top title areas where it tells you which meditation you are listening to and the balance of the screen are background photos that change based on the mediation selected.

Oddly, this 21-Day Meditation challenge is not explained. I wondered why? Checking the original information in the app store, which I didn’t read – gave me the reasons for using the app, but there was no explanation of the challenge.

So, moving on I checked the list of available meditations. The first three meditations listed are free and the balance cost 99 cents. I went ahead and selected the first meditation, Life Most Powerful Tool (maybe they meant Life’s Most Powerful Tool), and I pressed play. Deepak Chopra’s voice began with spa music in the background. Giving an overview of the program and a verbal listing of the meditations he continued by explaining there are three major classifications of the program. For several minutes, he continued with the overview, and then he gave instructions on the basics of meditation. Finally, he started a basic breathing meditation. Deepak’s voice is pleasant, if not distinct, and obviously well practiced at delivering meditations.

These are not typical meditation-only recordings. The first three meditations include basic teachings – each starts with a teaching followed by a meditation. I am struck by the fact that you cannot fast forward to just the meditation portion. Perhaps the structure is designed to continue to progress through the 21 days. Yet, to utilize this later you may want to skip the instructions and research data. By the way, the voices on these second and third recordings are female.

If you were expecting, as in my case, to hear Deepak doing each of the meditations, then you will be disappointed and need and extra stress releasing meditation. If you had no such expectation you will be happy.

By the way, I discovered doing a Google search that Oprah and Deepak are presenting a 21-day mediation challenge beginning in March 11, 2013. You can find more about this by following the link below.

Link to Meditation Challenge website

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