Good metabolism is very important for human well-being. It is a process in our organism that sometimes tends to be too slow, which can result in obesity and many other health related problems. Bad habits, including eating sweets, drinking alcohol, sleeping during the day, etc. make our metabolism slower, which is why people who lead a  certain lifestyle need to use different hacks to speed it up an bring it back to normal.

Make Your Office Job More Dynamic

Office and freelance jobs with long periods of sitting tend to slow our metabolism. We were always jealous of those few “lucky” colleagues who are able to have a snack during their work-time, but actually we should feel sorry for them. Sitting for long periods of time is very harmful for your spine, while fatty food slowly destroys your bloodstream, heart and slows your metabolism. The combination of these two can be dreadful and in some extreme cases can lead directly to the emergency room.

If you have one of these jobs, the first thing you need to do is to cut your office snacks, or at least to make them healthier. Some good alternatives are dried fruit, various nuts, citruses, etc. You also need to cut sitting sessions, with many short brakes. Every hour or so, stand up, take a few minute walk, do a few squats or office desk exercises. You won’t spend more than 2 minutes per break, and your bosses will definitely tolerate it, because a healthy employee is much more valuable than one who’s on sick leave all the time.

Always Be Hydrated

Dehydration slows your metabolism, and makes calories burn slower. For your metabolism to run at a faster pace, your body needs more water, which is why people who drink 8 glasses of water a day burn two times more calories than the ones who drink four.

Drinking water and different beverages is not the only way to stay hydrated. Water is everywhere around us and each meal we eat contains plenty of this precious liquid. That’s why if you can’t live without snacks, it is always better to choose ripe fruits than chips, flips and pretzels.

Don’t Crash Your Organism with Crash Diets

Taking less than 1,000 calories a day is not a good way to lose weight and speed up your metabolism. These diets are harmful in so many different ways. Although your scale will show less pounds after a crash diet, the biggest percentage of that loss comes from muscle tissue instead of fat. Since muscles burn calories, losing muscles can actually make your metabolism slower and there’s also a danger of gaining even more weight when the diet ends.

Start Your Day with a Workout

Every workout burns calories, but morning ones also boost your metabolism, which continues to work in a faster mode for several hours at least. This is a great way to burn your rich breakfast and stay fit. More intense exercises tend to burn more calories and keep your metabolism at a fast pace for a longer time. That is why many experts think that fast cardio early morning exercises, done on an empty stomach are the best metabolism boost.

Don’t Believe in Myths

There are many metabolism boosting myths circling around. For example, it is true that tea, coffee and hot peppers speed up your metabolism, but relying solely on one of these boosters won’t get you a model look. ECGC, a substance found in green tea, capsaicin from hot peppers and caffeine from coffee and black tea can boost your metabolism, but they fall far behind all other methods we have mentioned in this article and are not effective enough to make you lose weight.

EPA and DHA, found in fish oil, also boost metabolism, but as well as the other mentioned substances, they are simply not effective enough to make people thin. Although these magic omega-3 fatty acids, do a much better job than caffeine. They can boost metabolism up to 400 calories a day, which combined with intense workouts can result in healthy weight loss. This means you should eat fish, but only after you have run up to a clean mountain river and caught it yourself, or for those of you who live in urban areas, had an hour-long gym session beforehand.

Fast metabolism is not only good for weight loss, but for speeding up other important processes in your organism. If you work in an office, which usually includes short junk food lunch breaks and plenty of work-related stress, boosting your metabolism should be the first step towards healthier living.


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