When we are at odds with our health, the source is usually rooted in stress or inflammation.  Poor eating choices, lack of hydration, and lack of activity are a few of the main causes leading to inflammation.  Everyone knows how to increase water intake and increase activity.  The issue we most need support with is education on our cuisine selection.

When it comes to food choices, the easier way to weigh (pun intended) in on the true solutions, is to find out the true problem. When the doctor tells us to eat “healthier,”  the order is rarely supported by solid nutrition education.  That leaves us with the inflammation and weight issues that originally lead us to feeling sluggish, sickly, broken, or hopeless.

There are food solutions, like cutting starches, gluten, dairy, and sugars (even fruit), while adding in more raw greens, fish, and good fats.  In addition to cleaning up our diets, we can aid in the reduction of inflammation by clearing out the gut.  Probiotics are the best support for the gut cleansing. These are good bacteria that eliminate and prevent toxic buildup.

Taking a probiotic and cleaning up the foods proactively helps weight management, due to the metabolic enhancement and inflammation reduction factors.  Toxins cause the body to spend energy fighting them rather than utilizing energy for metabolism, and additionally, the body stores more fat and water as toxins attract that excess water and fat buildup.

Since disease in the body and the brain is always sourced by inflammation as a main cause, we can literally make ourselves more efficient physically and mentally by taking probiotics and utilizing appropriate food strategies.  Why not be more effective? We are, after all, Worth the Work!

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