Ralph Smart dives deep once again, this time into nutrition. In this video, Ralph shares five super foods that you can eat to give yourself more self-love instantly.

Here they are, along with their benefits:

1)   Sacha Inchi – this Peruvian superfood gives you more energy. It’s a powerful antioxidant that contains the nine essential amino acids and many important minerals like iodine, calcium, potassium and zinc. It also improves cardio-vascular health.

2)   Cacao Powder – is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world which means it is anti-aging. It also contains tryptophan which is a precursor to  serotonin, so it makes you energized and happy. According to Ralph, it will help you take radical action and it will also aid your circulation and cardio-vascular health.

3)   Chia Seeds – this Aztec superfood will give you strength and help your digestion, because it is loaded with protein and fiber. It also has the nine essential amino acids and omega 3’s, and it’s a powerful anti-oxidant.

4)   Coconut Oil – the least mysterious food of Ralph’s list – has strong anti-viral properties so that it kills viruses and fungi. It also boosts your immune system and can be used inside and outside your body (on hair and skin).

5)   Lucuma Powder – Life needs sweetness and this delicious sweetener is way better than sugar. It has lots of minerals and it’s an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

When you eat better, you feel better about yourself, so show yourself a little extra love by incorporating these super foods into your daily diet.

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