We hate to admit it but…the majority of us have engaged in binge eating at one time or another.  As a therapist and binge eating disorder specialist, I’ve certainly seen the extreme consequences of the condition.  Although Binge Eating Disorder is now an official diagnosis, many without the diagnosis have engaged in multiple binge eating episodes in their lifetime.

I’ve even seen my fair share of vegans and “healthy eaters” engage in binge eating behaviors. 

Like other mental health issues, binge eating many times is a result of a combination of psychological, biological, and environmental factors. Triggers to overeat/binge eat include boredom, anxiety, anger, sadness, or other negative emotions.  Many people have a pattern of sitting around on the couch and overeating or being on social media while over-snacking or coming home after a stressful day and over-indulging on food.

What I’m about to teach you will help you break that habit. It’s simple and it’s a prescription for change.

How to Stop Binge Eating Now:

#1 Get yourself in that destructive state that’s making you depressed/anxious/frustrated…For example, you have a pattern of sitting around feeling depressed (How would you stand? What would your physiology be like?)  Your head may be down, you’re feeling tension in body.  You are focusing on how life sucks or how things never change.  Wherever you usually are in your home or at work or wherever you are when you are triggered to binge eat go there.  Say the things that you say to yourself when you’re in that state “I feel horrible” “I feel like a loser” “I’m not getting anywhere”… Intensely feel that emotional state.  Keep affirming these negative thoughts until your physiology matches (your head is down, your body is slumped…). Whatever you usually say and feel in that state, say and feel it with intensity.  Be totally immersed in this negative state.

#2 While you’re feeling that emotional state, right at the peak of that feeling, do something explosive to jolt your nervous system.  Shock nervous system-shout “Wake up!” Or shout a powerful statement like “I’m strong” or “Get up!” Shout it out loud and at the same time do something physical…jump up and down or spin around or pound on your chest and grunt-do something hilarious.  Do anything to get up and out of the state you were in before. This is an example of pattern interruption.

#3 Now, put yourself in the state that you need to be in to feel grounded.  Replace the negativity with something new and empowering.  Put your shoulders back, ground yourself, center yourself, take in a deep breath, smile, look up, visualize what you want, focus on your dreams, get excited about your life and how you want it to be.

You have successfully begun to interrupt the old pattern that was causing you to self-soothe with food.  In order to condition yourself in a positive way you must repeat this over and over again.  Whenever you find yourself in that negative state (anxious, stressed, frustrated, bored, down) which is causing you urges to binge eat, break out with your powerful pattern interruption ritual.  Condition yourself by repeating it so many times that it becomes habitual.  Interrupt the pattern so many times that you cannot revert back.  The new replacement pattern that you’ve created can have a dramatic impact on your life!

If you are interested in learning how to stop binge eating, check out my new book FitMentality: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Binge Eating: Achieve the Mindset for the Fit Body You Want!


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