The vehicle without a driver will crash. So it is with our body and our brain. What good is a body without a mind to drive it? And what can we do to assure the driver’s accuracy? A lot of people say nutrition is the right way to keep the brain functional. Some people say it’s exercise. Others encourage supplementation or medicine. So what really works? The fact is that none of these is solely responsible for the brain’s optimal function. It’s actually Brain Derivative Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) that drives the brain’s continued development over time.

What is BDNF and what does it have to do with growing the brain? As growth hormone is to the body, BDNF is to the brain. BDNF preserves and assures new growth in the brain by protecting the nerve endings as well as yielding new neurons and neural nets. It’s dominantly effective throughout the brain in the hippocampus (memory & learning), the cortex (logic & learning) and the basal forebrain (higher thinking, joy, peace and safety). BDNF availability also has a positive impact on sight, motor skills and digestion.

Brain function leads how every physical function is driven, as well as what motivates us and how we feel, learn, reason and remember. So how do we stimulate more BDNF? Dietary and activity methods are most effective. My personal prescription for stimulating BDNF naturally is frequent physical exercise, nutrition that includes egg yolks and olive oil and avocado, and organic low-acid coffee. Grow that brain muscle! Be Phenomenal! You are Worth the Work!

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