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I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 5 years ago. I have tried almost every holistic remedy to heal and cure myself, from Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic to healing mexican clay and Chinese herbs. After being unsuccessful in the first year and unable to barely walk I had no choice but to try pharmaceutical drugs. I had to try every holistic option first, before I could accept and be willing to try prescribed medicine. Through all my trials with eastern and western medicine combined I have gotten to understand my body and it’s triggers. I was also forced to really dig deep and work on myself internally to try and heal from the inside out. I have learned what works for me and am currently off all meds, which is very rare with my case.

Here I share 6 rules that will make your life a lot easier, once you accept them.

1. You can’t compare yourself to others. You are like a rare piece of china that needs special care. Do what works for you and your body. Choose foods, exercise, rest, and lots of fun activities that suit you.

2. People living with autoimmune diseases are actually some of the healthiest in the world…because we have to be. We are forced to make wise decisions with food and lifestyle because our body immediately responds to poor choices.

3. Be your own doctor. Don’t settle for one opinion, especially when it results in several prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs. Seek other options and YOU decide what works for you. This could take a while and it will most likely change so learning to be adaptable will benefit you. Be open to unconventional options for your treatment.

4. Everyone has a bad day but try to refrain from pity parties. If you are feeling down about your disease, acknowledge it and move on. Try to look outside of yourself and volunteer to help others that have it even worse than you.

5. Educate your close friends and family about your illness so that they can be supportive when you are having a challenging day. You may require more rest or help on certain days and the more knowledge your family and friends have about your needs the more supportive they can be.

6. Chose to look at your disease or illness as a blessing instead of a curse. Sometimes illness has the ability to pull us out of our everyday reality, forcing us to find our true life’s purpose.

Khalil Gibran wrote, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

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