Don’t make me smack that spoon full of chicken soup out of your hand, because I’ll do it…Step away from the overcrowded, expired and crusty outdated medicine cupboard. Your Savlon days are over. You will be excited to know that you have a smorgasbord of natural remedies already stocked up, before their best before dates and ready to go hiding away in your very own unsuspecting pantry.

When our grandmothers needed to attend to those bumps, bruises and fevers they didn’t say ‘soldier on with coldral’ they buried their backsides into the depth of their cupboards and mixed together natural concoctions that 1. Were cheap and 2. Worked. While some of us will always reach for the packaged ‘quick fix’  and definitely have an important role in healing, natural remedies can be excellent preventatives for looking after our health and wellbeing. So kiss good-bye to solutions from packets and welcome these natural healers straight from mother earth…

After all, that wise guy, you know, Hippocrates, he said something about’ let food be thy medicine’ and he seemed pretty onto it in the forward thinking and medicine department…

So here are 6 organic health hacks you have hiding in your pantry…

Cayenne Pepper A spice commonly known for its digestion and metabolism kick-start abilities through the lemon detox diet cayenne is also great for people who suffer from allergies and bad circulation; it helps to prevent histamines from being released into the body. The spice is also great at inducing sweat which can help flush the system and help ease congestion or fever.
Coconut Oil Remember the Windex spray from Met the Fockers? Coconut oil is the natural equivalent. Make sure your buy organic coconut oil that can be consumed as some cosmetic oils are not for consumption and use it as lip balm, a hair treatment, for acne, cuts, a moisturizer, to cook with, eat it – you name it! The good fats in coconut oil help produce natural energy and can help with weight loss when used with a healthy lifestyle.
Honey, In particular Manuka Honey The medicinal value in Manuka honey is often under estimated as it has natural antibacterial properties which makes is excellent for cuts, scratches, sore throats and has even ironically been argued to help reduce the effects of hay fever.  So if your custom to a nose tickle during spring start spreading honey on your morning
Cinnamon Yip that sweet-smelling spice you associated with apples, ice-cream and general sugary goodness is actually ironically an aid in helping regulate blood sugar – go figure! Although everything in moderation is always the key to a healthy lifestyle so unfortunately sugar + cinnamon does not equal an even playing field although it is argued to also hold anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so if a great addition to your morning oats or smoothie.
Garlic The most pungent of the plant kingdom garlic is a stable in any pantry, and is the best defense for your immunity when you are feeling over-committed or overworked. Garlic has alicin, a compound which promotes the activity of white blood cells – the ultimate defense against colds and viruses. The ultimate way to get garlic in your system is not to cook it, cut it into tablet size pieces and swallow it like a tablet with a glass of water. You can always dip the garlic in honey first if the taste is too much!
Apple Cidar Vinegar That bottle at the back of the pantry is actually good. Everything from using it in a spray bottle with water as a natural cleaning agent, as a rinse in your hair between shampoo and conditioning to help give it shine and remove dandruff it can even help assist the body with weight loss by helping to aid digestion. Diluting the vinegar with water and sipping it through the day has shown that over time the acid helps to balance the inner digestive system and help with bloating, conquering food intolerances such as candida and flushing toxins. It is even rumored to help repel fleas from pets!


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