In this day and age, people are looking for ways to find their peace of mind. In the society we are in, that is almost next to impossible. The reason being we are always looking for tranquility in the wrong places. Ask some people, and they will tell you that happiness and peace come from having all the wealth in the world, others will tell you it’s finding someone who completes you; others still will say it is by having a unique gift/talent. But does this mean that if you don’t have either of these things, then you won’t have peace? Are they the only way you can achieve peace of mind?

Mental Benefits

Truth be told, that’s not the only way. You may have heard the newest craze in the town called yoga. It is a form of exercise that involves performing postures. This way, you can achieve balance not only physically but also mentally.  Before you wonder what that means, know that yoga helps you age gracefully by reducing fine lines under eyes and keeping you fit throughout. Amazing, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there as it helps you achieve concentration, focus and peace of mind. Through yoga, stress will be an alien name in your vocabulary if you know what I mean.

At this point, we are going to look at yoga poses that will help you relax, especially the ones that focus on those muscles on the face. Face yoga elevates the heart rate and reduces stress. Don’t forget that as you perform these poses, you will also get a youthful look as a bonus. Whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed by things around you, try some of these poses.

1. Tongue Stretcher

So I feel that you should start with this exercise. Just open your mouth and jaw and stretch your tongue out as much as you can. Okay, until you can feel your eyes becoming teary or watery. If you are like me, you already think the exercise is silly. But the benefits cannot be overlooked. You relax, and you get rid of puffy eyes at the same time! It’s worth it after all.

2. Pucker up

This one is more like a kiss blowing exercise. Simply pucker your lips as if you were blowing a kiss to someone. Hold on for a while then release. You may repeat this for about ten times. Take it as an opportunity to learn how to blow them kisses. It is also a way of strengthening the skin around the lips.

3. Temple Eyes

This is the adorable look. Just look straight ahead and look cute. Okay, don’t just stop there.  You need to look to your left as far as your eyes can stretch without turning. Then repeat for the right side while holding on for five seconds. This way, you work he muscles around the eyes which prevents sagging.

4. Puffed Cheeks

You know those smiling lines that one gets if they like smiling a lot, turns out there is a way to prevent them. Puffed cheeks is a face yoga pose that tones cheek muscles preventing sagging. To perform it, fill your cheeks with air, ensuring the lips are kept together tightly. This will make them puff out. Hold on for a while then relax and repeat as many times as you wish. Now you can smile as much as you wish and undo the effects later on. To the kids who love making such a face when they are angry, keep up buddy. It’s healthy after all.

5. Fish Face

A look at this pose and you will realize that it is the exact opposite of puffed cheeks. Instead of puffing the cheeks, you pull them together. In the process, you pull the lips together forming ‘fish lips’ and a fish face altogether. Hold on for a while then release.

6. Neck Lifter

If you are looking to prevent double chin, then this exercise might be your savior. You will also tone the muscles around the neck and jaw. Tip your head back towards the ceiling and stretch your neck upwards. Work the jaw by moving the jaw from one side, up and then the other side as if you are making circles.


The above poses will help you relax and at the same time make you look beautiful. Creams are good for reducing freckles, but these poses will help prevent wrinkles. Try them and see which works out for you.



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