Feeling in a bit of a rut? Feel like you just have problem after problem heaping up on your plate? Want to pursue a new opportunity or relationship, but just feel too burdened by negativity from the past to move forward?

It is a well-known adage that we create our own luck, and that good luck attracts more good luck. The same is true with bad luck – that is why they say that bad things always arrive in threes.

But these aren’t just sayings. We all know that people give off energy. We have all experienced being around someone when they are having a great day, and when they are struggling with something (even if they are trying to hide it). We have physically sensed the difference in their presence: on one day they are giving off positive energy, on the other negative.

If you have an affinity for seeing auras you might even be able to see the difference in the person: when a person is giving off positive energy their aura is usually brilliant with bright colors, while a person in distress may have a thin, pale aura, perhaps with dark patches, and if it is extremely serious even tears or abrasions.

When it comes to energy like this, like attracts like, which is why some people seem to have all the luck, while others seem to be burdened with a series of unfortunate events.

If you are going through a difficult time and giving off negative energy, chances are you are attracting further negative energy that is keeping you down. Sometimes negative energy can be hard to shake, but there are things you can do to release negative energy and make space for positive energy to enter your life again.

As the physical manifestation of your energy, caring for your aura is a great place to start. Here are 5 techniques that can help you cleanse and rejuvenate your aura.

1.   Aura Meditation

One of the best ways to clean up your aura is through meditation and focussing your mental energy on changing its form. Begin the meditation practice just like you would any meditation, by sitting in a quiet, distraction free space in a comfortable position and clearing your mind of active thought as you concentrate on your breathing.

Once you have calmed your mind and feel like you are in a good place, move your attention from your breath to your aura. If you can see your own aura, fantastic, if not, visualize it as a light that encompasses your body. As it starts to take form in your mind it will take on certain characteristics. If you are in a good place it will probably take on the characteristics of a positive aura, but if you are suffering with negativity, it will probably appear to you as thin with dark spots and so forth.

Now that you have the image of your aura in your mind, focus your energy on healing areas where it looks damaged, sending energy from your mind to the problem areas. Don’t think about what may have caused these problems to arise, just focus on healing the physical symptoms. Visit Numerology Sign for more meditation techniques.

2.   Aura Combing

A slight variation to aura meditation, in aura combing you combine mental cleansing with a physical activity that helps you focus your mental energy. Wash your hands thoroughly before your meditation, and while you are conducting your mental aura cleansing meditation, hold your fingers in the shape of combs and use them to comb through the space surrounding your body where you are visualizing your aura. When you are finished wash your hands again with cool, clean water, letting any negativity that you have picked up flow away.

You might consider using a feather in place of your fingers as a comb. Owl and turkey feathers are particularly effective for this purpose. If you are using a feather make sure you start at your feet and work your way up, lifting off like a bird.

3.   Water Cleanse

Connecting with nature is always a great way to self-heal, so if you can complete these rituals in the rain, at a waterfall or at a natural spring great, but if not, you can do these at home in your shower or bath.

If you are in the rain, have access to a waterfall, or are in the shower, bring your meditation practice into the space and visualize the water flowing over every part of your body, and also penetrating into your aura, picking up any negative energy in its flow and washing it away.

If you prefer baths, prepare a salt water soak using Epsom salt or something similar. Both salt and water are great for aura cleansing, so this is a double whammy. Again, visualize your aura, and visualize the water and salt of the bath penetrating the aura and healing any problem areas.

4.   Smudging

Smudging is a Native American ritual for cleansing auras. Buy or make a sage based smudge stick – great herbs to combine with sage include juniper, pinion, sweetgrass, copal, mugwort and lavender. Light the end of the smudge stick and wait until the flame goes out. The smouldering stick will produce smoke much like an incense stick. Use the smoking stick to encircle your body with smoke and visualize the smoke mingling with your aura, again penetrating areas where there are problems and infusing them with healing energy.

5.   Seek out Positive Energy

As we already said, when it comes to energy, like attracts like, so do everything you can to surround yourself with positive energy in your life in the hope of attracting some of it. Spend less time with people who may bring you down and pass your free time with people that make you laugh. Take time out of your busy schedule to do nice things for yourself (get that haircut you have been putting off), or even better, do nice things for others. Volunteer at your local old people’s home or soup kitchen, do something to help a family member or neighbor for no reason other than putting a smile on their faces. You might be surprised how quickly this can heal your aura and call positive energy into your life. 

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