Each minute bursts in the burning room,

The great globe reels in the solar fire ,
Spinning the trivial and unique away ,
(How all things flash! How all things flare!)
What am I now that I was then?
May memory restore again and again ,
The smallest color of the smallest day…
When I decided to write a blog about a time, I wasn’t certain of whether I was going to write just another quote or if I would try to dig a bit deeper. There are plenty of them filling every other page on the web..saying mostly the same:
 Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.
~ Theospratus

 Today I chose to be a little bit unreal. By asking a simple question and trying to make an impossible to be possible, I tried to find out: How would you spend your time if you could have one extra hour in your day? This means that your day is going to be 25 hours long; anywhere with anyone doing anything…or alone?

My goal was to figure out not just how my respondents would like to use this time, but how deeply they were thinking about their answers. And they came from all various types of people, some of them different but mostly similar. I’ve been asking my family, close friends, people in chat rooms and social networks, those whom I’ve never met before but were happy to give me an answer, friends of mine friends and their family members. I asked how they value their time. For me, it’s the most expensive commodity I have. Since I’ve realized this truth, I decided to take full responsibility for my decision about how and who I’m going to spend it with. Independent of someone else, now aware of their irretrievability, I’m able to fully understand that I need to use every second, that no one will come tomorrow to tell me that I can have this day as a gift back to live it again. Sometimes unfortunately, sometime maybe, thanks God! With every step I take now, I keep on my mind that no matter where I go and what I’m going to do, I’m paying with my time.

Time is the one thing which all of us have in same amount every day. It’s just up to us how we are using it, unless we don’t have free will to use it. I got various answers. All of them interesting but my winner was one of my little brother’s friends. At 21 years of age, she replied that she would like to spend her hour healthy. That’s it. There is beauty in simplicity again.

Every one of us will set up one day, if you don’t already, our own priority list. Even for me, health is the most important. I didn’t put it into my answer. It’s curious to find out how deeply people will really think about this question and what it makes them realize. My best friend gave me an answer: sex. No shame! That’s why I love her. Same one came from other one guy saying why not some extra sex?.. Admittedly, that would partly be my answer–splitting up my hour and spending about 20 minutes in the wild passionate act with everything that it includes, plus a double amount of cuddles. 🙂 Why not?

Also I’ve read many answers about how lovely it would be to spend this extra hour with family and friends, somewhere in nature or in favorite place celebrate life or just thinking back to their good times. I’m quite happy with that one as it is familiar to me too. Having an extra hour, I would like to bring back to life my grandpa and tell him how much I appreciate that he always believed in me and give him an XXL-sized hug!

Surprisingly, my little brother answered the same, something unreal–spend it with him again. How beautiful is his soul, a young mind that does not have much life experience, living without restraints, enjoying through his own fantasy… making me little bit jealous. But often we all forget that we take life too seriously.

One of my friends responded by saying with this one hour she would spend it with her brother who died after a car accident.
Some scientific research proves that our brains don’t discern between reality and imagination . If we all have the power to get ourselves into a positive state of mind, we should be more aware of it. More likely we think about the good that happens to us rather than the negative things. To make them happen in our lives, we should  be considering how to use our time fully while we still have some.

One of my clients answered my question: I would like to split it and have 3 minutes dancing with my partner. This impressed me, because she didn’t say that she would like to walk or stand up from a wheelchair, but just dance.

Just a few of my respondents were splitting this extra hour. They could do anything…no limits. This is more evidence that not everyone uses their time to think, even if I didn’t rush them into answering. People are under pressure these days, full of traps and attention catchers and it isn’t easy to think about every single step…it’s kind of a privilege to use our own brain capacity. Paying attention to the outlook instead of knowledge in this Information Age might be another way how we waste time. Recently I’ve read in one book:…the brain is the sexiest part of our bodies. And I agree! Time invested in education in any branch or just in general knowledge is something what will pay you back a thousand times and more.  This is the driving force of social evolution.
To know how to apply theory into our daily lives  it requires skills and again, more knowledge. A better life which we all deserve is based on education. By neglecting opportunities what we don’t use, we loose them. Getting stuck in our stereotypes, stopping growth in our minds, we often believe in our own thoughts rather than looking open to the present. By that we avoid creating a better reality and instead willingly following others.

Again, no one will come to give us one extra hour in our day. Neither is it possible to bring back those ones we have lost. Everyone has same amount of the time and until we stop breathing, we should use every second of it to make the best memories for our future with those ones we truly love.

..Time  is the school in which we learn
Time is the fire in which we burn
~ Delmore Schwartz 1938

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