Take a deep breath in.

Exhale your breath slowly. Ease your mind. Life is good.

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”

—-Deepak Chopra

Your job now is to get good at feeling good. This takes practice. Like anything, when you first start to learn a particular skill, it takes a bit of stretching the boundaries and some trial and error to get it right. It requires you to learn to use a muscle that few people have discovered or have ever known they have control over. This muscle and power is the most important thing you can master. It makes learning all other things much easier and faster. Some days you will have tremendous success, even snatching joy from the jaws of despair on a lucky few days. Others you might get knocked into a very uncomfortable place for seemingly no reason at all. Even though this happens, your efforts are cumulative. For every minute you feel better consciously, it becomes easier to stay there and the outside world becomes easier to bear. Somewhat nice even 😉 Get the trend going toward the positive. Be like a graph of a rapidly increasing stock, where you climb with peaks and valleys, but positively and powerfully in an unstoppable upward trend until your own value is unprecedented.

The process that most people go through when trying to be happy involves trying to fix the issues. This doesn’t work. If you focus on the issues, they multiply. If you focus on what’s already good you will, without a shadow of a doubt, notice after time your issues disappearing. You want to live within the solution. You want to feel as if the problem that you are having is already taken care of. Don’t try to figure out HOW to solve it, let the solution occur naturally. You want to open your mind to all possibilities of the solution. The best way to do that is by not talking about the problem. The problem will dissipate. That’s why you get so many great ideas in the shower, because you’re never fixing an issue while you’re in there. Just the issue of your stank. In that non-resistant, easy going, “nothing to take care of” state, the capabilities of your mind flow, because the floodgates of your mental facilities are now open.

Start the positive, don’t fix the negative.

What you focus on grows, so what you want to do is focus on this and feel positive until it grows to where the negative is so small and scant and negligible. Where focus goes, power flows.

Most of the time we’re focusing on the mundane details of life. A friend of mine was complaining about a small detail in his work uniform that needed to be fixed. He’s a rapper, and I said to him: “Do you really want that work shirt fixed or do you want a platinum record?” Talk about what you want. Feel it. Embrace it. Talk about it in a way that makes you light up inside. Keep perspective.

Are you really wanting this minor thing in life to be different or are you wanting amazing success? Success in any form: in relationship, in health, or earth shattering sex. Think about the big thing and the little details will all of a sudden appear as irrelevant as they are.

Happiness has EVERYTHING to with to do with how you think and feel about your surroundings, circumstances, and people. Expectation is the name of the game. You create what you expect. If you expect to go into a situation and succeed, you will. You have everything you need within you to have any desire you want. Trust it.

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