You must love your self. You must love who you are at this exact moment of time, and do that continuously. Live in a state of love for yourself, observe how you preform an action, observe how you see a situation, love to explore your own mind.Fist Fight 2017 movie

You must love to fall in love with every aspect of your self, when you do that you have now found happiness. You have discovered what it is that you should be doing at every moment, and since you love yourself at every moment you’re only ever happy. One technique to assure us when we forget is affirmation. This is something that we say to remind us who we are. I wrote a letter to myself that says the things I love about myself, I thank my self for all the accomplishments I have achieved even if they are still my goals, I love myself so much I carry myself where it feels it should be. That’s who I am, and at times I feel that I forget who I am, but I’m conscious enough to see that I’m forgetting that so I then simply return and read the affirmation that I wrote for myself to read, and that simply provides me a headed direction. It tells me how much I love myself and that gives me a sense of who I am. That’s all that it is, that’s all that it should be.

You have to be happy with who you are so that you will grow. You can’t hinder yourself with negative emotions. Negativity will leave you stuck where you’re at every time you decided to live with it. Being negative on ourselves makes us think of all the “should haves” “could haves” and that makes us regret every decision that we have ever made before the moment. We no longer become self accepting we become self hating and regretting. Their is no room for growth in that state, that is why it is a given limitation. That is why you must love yourself, if you do that you then are free from that limitation.

Perception of a situation is an important reflection to how it is that you view yourself, so everything that you perceive should be something that is reflecting the best image of how it is that you see yourself. You have to give yourself the best because you deserve only the best. Their is no certain set way that you must live or act, you determine that, that is the beauty of living free from judgement or from fear, you are free to be whatever it is that you want, to do the things that you feel like doing. Don’t ever look for someone else to tell you how you should be, or what it is like. You must look in your own self to find those answers, because only you will know what is best. Before you can unconditionally love yourself without expectation you must first let go of every judgement that you’ve had on yourself. You set your limitation, you set the expectation that you have for yourself, and you have something that is boundless inside you, your soul. You can do anything that you want to, you just must choose to see you have the power to do that. You should love that ability to do that, you should love yourself and never feel unaccomplished because you have life and that’s all you need to be able to enjoy it.

Please love yourself unconditionally, love yourself with no expectation from who you are. Learn who it is that you are, and love what you see. Give yourself love by writing letters and small notes to yourself about who you are. Remind yourself who you are, that way you can live in that love at every moment of time.

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