Life is constant anticipation of what our future will hold in store for us. It is like sitting at a red traffic light waiting for the signal to turn green. We find ourselves in this starting position, yet waiting there for a long time.

Waiting for the weather to be better to set out on the hike that we wanted to take for the past 10 weekends. Waiting for one morning that we aren’t too tired to get up early and attend the yoga class that we had planned on going to for months. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to call our best friend who we have not spoken to in forever. Waiting for just the right time to have that dinner date with our spouse, for starting a healthier lifestyle, for switching jobs to a position we actually like, and so on.

We are sitting and waiting. Of course, not literally. Instead we fill our lives with almost artificial busyness. We are trained to measure our reputation and standing by how stressed we are and how many things we can successfully multitask. We find ourselves in this rat-race of accomplishments, prosperity, wealth, achievement, profit, and fame. Yet, we keep ourselves excessively busy, making it difficult to enjoy any of it at all.

Lately, I found myself taking a step back from my life, trying to view it from an objective perspective. Yes, my family is definitely a well-acclimated participant in the rat-race. My husband leaves the house latest at five in the morning, not to return before eight at night. The children get up early to make it to school on time, after which they participate in their athletic or musical extra-curricular activities only to complete mountains of homework in the evening. I call myself the ‘full-time cab-driver’ because between managing my business and seeing my clients, I need to juggle running family affairs and handling household tasks. Come to think of it… I am not sure when we took that last family hike ourselves.

To be honest, I ask myself: “What are we waiting for?” We need to get out of the starting position, not only hearing the gunshot and seeing the green light as our signals to go, but realizing that the time is now.

Many years ago, my husband and I asked ourselves if it was the right time to have another child. Both of us knew that we did want to have another baby, but was it the right time? In the end, we decided to just go for it because we figured that there is never a perfect time to be pregnant. Within the nine months of a pregnancy, so much could change, which we would not be able to forecast. Obviously, we are so happy we did take the chance for the continued joys of parenthood.

Currently, we are finding ourselves in a similar situation. My husband will retire from his active-duty service in the military. After 20 years of complete dedication to our country and the many hardships that our family had to endure throughout, we are now at a crossroads in our lives. What’s next? We are not sure! All we know is that we do not want to wait anymore. No more waiting to play that board game with the children because important work has to be completed first. No more waiting to go on that next camping trip because a weekend-work call makes it impossible. No more waiting to rekindle our lives to fill them with smiles, communication, silliness, joy, amusement, inspiration, awe, love, serenity, gratitude, and time.

Yes, filling our lives with time! Time truly seems to be one of the most valuable commodities these days. That is why I would like to encourage all my readers – you – to do the same. Take a break, step back and take a good look at your life. Are you waiting at the red light, in the starting position, ready to go? Think about where you would head to if you actually started going? And make that destination one of your next goals – because personal fulfillment and happiness are not only measured in success, dollar bills, and sleepless nights.

There is more to life – go for it!

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