The single most important choice you can make at the start of each and every day is the choice to be in a good mood. Yes, your mood is a choice! You might be thinking “My mood isn’t a choice; it just happens to be whatever I’m feeling at any given moment. I can’t control my circumstances or other people’s behavior towards me. These are the things that dictate my mood!”

While you can’t control other people’s behavior, or certain environmental circumstances (to an extent) – the belief that you can’t choose your mood is in itself a choice.

The choice to not choose a higher level of awareness when it comes to mood is a choice! Your thoughts and emotions combine to create a unique cocktail, of which many have labeled “your vibe” or ‘vibration”. Consciously shifting to and maintaining the vibration of your choice is analogous to a skeleton key when it comes to personal progress. Further more, it’s actually a required prerequisite for fulfilling your potential, achieving abundance, and serious self-fulfillment in general.

How to Shift Your Mood at Any Moment

The key to shifting your mood to the one you prefer is to understand that reality is inherently neutral. We are the ones who imbue and inject it with meaning! This realization alone raises your awareness to the true domain of choice you possess at any given moment. If we’re already unconsciously choosing to imbue reality in a way we don’t prefer…why not consciously choose to imbue it in a way we do prefer?

Take a few deep breaths, and begin imagining your ideal reality. How would it feel to already be living that? What sorts of thoughts would you perpetuate if you were already swimming in circumstances which represent your highest state of excitement, passion, and flow? Would you have more money than you could spend? Would your job be one that you’re genuinely passionate about doing day in and out? Get yourself to a place where you can literally feel what it would be like to be there NOW.

The reason it’s important to allow yourself to use your imagination to get to that place is because your “vibe” (the combination of your thoughts and feelings) is what’s going to influence the types of actions and behaviors you’ll allow yourself to take. In order to “shift” to and “manifest” a new reality…you must take new actions. To get what you’ve never had, you must take actions you’ve never taken (or otherwise avoided due to your previous dominant mood states). This is imperative to understand, and very easy to miss!

You see, our moods are the main influences when it comes to our daily experiences. Life-changing opportunity is pelting us in the face constantly. If we’re “not in the mood” to take advantage of these opportunities – let alone even perceive them – we stay right where we are. Aggravation, demotivation, and lack of fulfillment is the usual result. But if we allow ourselves to shift to the mood-state which best represents what we actually want, we begin “resonating” with like-experiences. This is the true mechanism of manifestation. You reduce the resistance between yourself and the actions required to begin transforming away from the situations you say you don’t prefer. Perhaps the greatest benefit of shifting your mood-state to one of excitement and abundance (my personal favorite) is that you’ll start perceiving the very same opportunities you come across on a “normal day” as exciting opportunities to advance.

Perhaps you’re not satisfied with your current day job, and wish for something more fulfilling. By shifting to the mood-state of abundance, you may begin perceiving the same people and environments in a new way. You may begin naturally feeling inclined to inquire about a higher position, or become aware of a resource you previously ignored. This happens all the time. The only thing stopping you is the low awareness of your perception when you avoid consciously shifting your “vibe”.

Amazing synchronicities begin taking place when you start making a daily habit of shifting your mood-state to one that best represents what you truly desire. You’ll become aware of new and exciting ways to increase your income and social circle. You’ll begin resonating with new people and experiences that are more congruent with the reality you actually want for yourself. Things which once appeared to be walls and barriers suddenly transform into open doorways for exciting, liberating, and seriously fulfilling growth!

So what are you waiting for?! Shift your mood-state to the one you’d be experiencing if you were exactly where you wanted to be in life…and do it NOW!


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