Happiness… Can it be measured in moments, or is it an overall approach to life? I find that taking little of both, can lead to a better daily state of mind. When we decide to release what we truly have no control over, things slowly can start to make more sense. Your mind seems less cluttered by obsessive thinking, and you can find the space to breath through the hardest of challenges.

We can’t control what other people do, no matter how hard we try. The only thing we can control, is how we react to things that happen. It seems much easier said then done, but when this simple suggestion is applied, it can really change your outcome. In the past, if someone hurt me, I would immediately take it personal, and get extremely dramatic and over reactive. What I did not realize, was that what people do, how they handle situations, has nothing to do with me. Everyone is acting from their personal place of truth, what they know to be familiar. We are all conditions of our environment, upbringing, and subconscious programming from our parents. Entire lifetimes can be spent trying to sort through the layers of emotions we have built up over our lives. These layers are what makes us who we think we are, but that is not really the Self. To get to a true place within, we must make peace with all of it, surrender, and try to live in the present. Then, we can make mild attempts to live with a sense of happiness, and less remorse.

There are special moments in life, when something as simple as a sunset, can fill you with the deepest sense of joy. These are the occasions that I like to celebrate the most. Unplanned, uncontrollable, and extremely temporary. Happiness can come and go as quickly as the sun can rise, or set. When these instances come to you, embrace them, savor and revel in them, then use them as a point of reference for more difficult times. If we were able to find peace and stillness then, can we do it again in an uncomfortable scenario? The answer is yes, it is all within us, to make the choice, and to find the lesson in each experience.

I am no one to tell you how to find happiness, I can merely offer my thoughts and reflections. What I am certain of though, is that a healthy body, mind, and spirit contribute greatly to your wellness odds. A plant-based diet, exercise, and staying very hydrated will center you in a way no drug or distracting activity ever could. I find that yoga and the practice of AHIMSA (non violence towards yourself or any living being, including animals) grounds me so profoundly, that I feel genuine happiness. The precept of “causing no injury”, extends to your deeds, words, and thoughts. When you make the choice to put your mental and physical health first, you become the best version of yourself. By loving oneself more, you are able to give quality love and attention to the ones you care most about. Be kind to the YOU more, and hopefully, you will be just a little happier.

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