Decoding how and why people hold on to negative thought patterns is a true passion of mine. My motto is to be “the best version of yourself,” and to never compare yourself to others. I talked to three different people today, about what ended up being the same thing, their choices. You either create excuses why you can’t make changes, or reasons why you must make them. There is no grey area, and when you are in limbo, you aren’t really living. We have to create the life we want to live, by not only asking for it, but through daily tasks to manifest it. No person, nor the universe, is going to give you what you want unless you take the actions to realize it.

Want to get fit? Then radically change your nutrition to an alkaline, plant-based diet. Your mind and body will transform in as little as 4 weeks! Dream of being more active, feeling positive , and connecting with like-minded people. Then get into group classes at your gym, join your local yoga studio, or find a group to walk or run with outdoors. Want to prove you love animals? Then stop eating them, rescue one (so many need homes), or support one of the thousands of groups and charities that desperately need funds and supplies.

The changes you make today will enable you to live your best quality of life, long-term. Loving and forgiving yourself, is one of the best ways to attract someone who is your equal. The most important relationship of your life is the one you have with yourself.

 How can you cultivate all these things? One way is by using the power of now, and not dwelling on the past. We often have “regrets”, or emotional attachments to “failure”, and allow these occurrences to dictate how we operate in the present. What if we relabeled past episodes of our life as moments in time that came and went, instead of letting them define us? We become a prisoner of our thoughts, so by acknowledging them, then abandoning them, we are able to evolve and find contentment in today!


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