Empowering Radio is excited to have special guest Zach Bourne. Zach Bourne is a contributor at MyEmpoweredWorld.com and Author of the upcoming book “Blissed Out”. As a producer, songwriter and artist living in NYC, he uses music as a way to spread the message of positivity to the world. Zachariah has been empowering lives for over a decade via personal coaching sessions, radio interviews, and webinars. He emphasizes self development through happiness, focus and self love. His passion is sharing uplifting ideas to help people create a better reality. We discuss some amazing techniques to Empower Your World in 2017. Join us for this exciting show!

Some of the questions/topics we discuss in this interview:

-What started you on this path of personal development and doing what you do?
-What is your overall goal with doing this?
-Since it’s the new year, can you share a few tips for people to have an incredible 2017?
-For people starting out and looking for the basics, what do suggest be the main focus?
-I’ve heard you talk about the “Law of Compensation” can you tell us more about that?
-You have an article coming soon on My Empowered World, called “Start the Positive, don’t fix the negative” can you tell us more about that?
-You also have an article called “How waking up happy will change your life”, what is it about waking up that way that really makes the change?
-You’re an advocate for meditation, what can make meditation easier for people?
-In a recently video you talk about “Pre-Broadcasting” can you share that with us?
-What’s next for you?
Have a listen and enjoy the show!

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