My Empowered World is collecting and sharing life changing moments from our audience. The purpose is to help inspire others by sharing real stories of how people experience a positive shift in their lives. We would like to share these inspiring stories through video in order to have maximum impact and the feeling of true authenticity.

If you have an Empowering Moment to share and inspire others, please follow the guidelines below and submit your story.


Guidelines for submitting your Empowering Moment:

  • Film using your mobile phone in landscape mode (sideways)
  • Try to keep the video to one minute or less
  • State your name at the beginning of the video. Example:  “Hi, my name is Sally Sue and my Empowering Moment in my life was when…”
  • Send your video file to info @


My Empowered World truly appreciates your participation and support in helping us spread our message of empowerment to the world. Thank you.


The Empowering Team