We believe in a holistic approach to living an empowered lifestyle. We help you achieve this by providing empowering experiences through content, products, tools and services.

Everyone at some point in their lives face extreme challenges in which they need inspiration and assistance in order to overcome and succeed. My Empowered World serves as that source. Discover more of what we are about by reading the details below and watching our videos. We hope you are inspired to contribute to our campaign and help us spread our message of empowerment to the world.


What is My Empowered World?

  • My Empowered World is a brand that exists to inspire, transform and empower the human experience.
  • My Empowered World transforms the human experience by elevating the mind, body and spirit so the world becomes a better place for everyone.
  • We provide empowering experiences through content, products and services
  • We provide access to authentic content
  • We provide for the mind, body and spirit
  • We encourage creative, integrated and holistic thinking
  • We facilitate personal and professional growth to help people succeed
  • We provide an ecosystem that serves as a catalyst for success
  • We provide a positive and supportive network
  • We are a lifestyle brand driven by positivity and serve as curators of empowering content for our audience.

How are we Different?

  • With all the negativity that floods today’s media landscape, we are a source for positive information
  • We bring you the most authentic positive and uplifting content, products, tools and services to elevate your mind, body and spirit. This results in a transformation to a fully empowered human experience
  • Our brand permeates every aspect of living, making it a true lifestyle brand for leading an empowered life

Why we Exist?

My Empowered World is an organization driven to inspire, elevate and transform the human experience. Our vision is to empower others to create a more positive world. We accomplish this by providing empowering tools and information through a variety of media properties such as www.MyEmpoweredWorld.com. Our content has a positive effect on people’s lives and we strive to be the  most authentic, service-to-others based organization in the world.


How did My Empowered World Start and Why?

The Founders of My Empowered World saw a need to provide authentic information to aid people in their quest for personal growth and development. The marketplace is filled with tens of thousands of self-help products and at times it can be overwhelming for people to identify the information that is right for them. The founders observed this challenge and have a strong desire to change the world starting with empowering individuals.

 What is My Empowered World Doing?

My Empowered World provides an ecosystem of positive content and transformational tools for living a better life. The central hub for this information is the primary website, www.myempoweredworld.com. Other channels such as Empowering Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and others allow our audience to receive information and engage with each other. We provide free inspirational content that elevates the mind, body and spirit, empowering people to be self-reliant in living a more positive life. Another aspect of My Empowered World is our vehicle for helping people advance their professional careers. Whether they are author’s, product developers or some other form of entrepreneurs, our ecosystem aids people in giving them exposure, credibility and marketing assistance. Together, we create an ecosystem of empowerment that will continue to grow so we reach more people and continue to make the world a better place.

Who is My Empowered World Serving?

 My Empowered World is for everyone! No matter how strong or successful we are, we all need help at one time or another. There are moments in our lives where we need to receive the right positive message at the right time, to get us through a challenging moment. My Empowered World really is for anyone that has the desire to better themselves and take control of their destiny.

There is a specific market segment that our content is most appealing to and that market is labeled, the “Cultural Creatives.” The Cultural Creatives is a market segment identified by sociologist, Paul Ray and psychologist, Sherry Ruth Anderson. Their book “The Cultural Creatives” discusses how 50 million people are changing the world for the better. The Cultural Creatives are concerned with ecological sustainability and have a commitment to personal and spiritual development. At My Empowered World, we see this market as a fast-growing segment. The last several years has seen a conscious awakening movement that is rapidly causing a paradigm shift, changing people’s thoughts and opinions on the world we live in. This is a positive societal shift in how we live and relate to each other. At My Empowered World, our vision is to create a paradigm for a new generation of people who are searching for change, and together we create a more positive world.