My Empowered World has the following guidelines for providing professionally produced videos for our contributing sponsors. For every project, we will be sure to capture the overall purpose, goals, objectives and any requirements for the production. Our only requirement is the video must tell an inspiring story in some manner. We may disseminate the video across our media properties as part of our uplifting and empowering content. Two examples are displayed below to provide an example of the type of video productions we are looking to provide and include in our empowering ecosystem.


Example Videos:


 Video Parameters

Our videos are professionally produced so it is important that a set of parameters are defined in order to set expectations. These parameters are listed below.



Pre-Production activity occurs prior to any video being shot. It is essentially planning and organizing the shoot for efficiency and effectiveness. Activities at this stage include:

  • Client Meeting
  • Internal Meeting
  • Producer: budgeting, timeline, asset management, crew and talent coordination
  • Script Writing



This stage represents the actual shoot. Items included are:

  • One day shoot
  • Interviews with up to four people
  • One location (within California)
  • B-roll footage
  • Craft Services (food) for Production team



Post Production occurs after the video shoot is complete. In involves editing the footage into a final product. The activities included are:

  • Production wrap-up and asset management
  • Video editing and limited motion graphics (motion graphics for creation of bumpers used for video and titles)
  • Rendering and exporting of edited video



  • Rough Edit – This is the video edited in its final form for review purposes. The Contributing Sponsor is able to review and provide feedback for two rounds of additional edits. Additional revisions beyond this allotment will incur additional billing
  • Final Version – Once the rough edit is reviewed, revised and approved, then a final set of files will be delivered to the Contributing Sponsor and/or end recipient. The running time is not to exceed ten minutes. However, videos may have a shorter running time if extra motion graphics are required


Production Team for Live Production Shoot

  • Videographer #1
  • Videographer #2
  • Assistant


Contributing Sponsor and/or End-Recipient Responsibilities
  • To provide any content and assets outside of the video shoot required to incorporate into the video.
  • To provide feedback and approvals within specified timeframes in order for the project to proceed on schedule.


Line Items for day of production

This is the list of equipment we provide for the production shoot. This list is adequate for all shoots unless certain circumstances require additional equipment. Any additional equipment required may require additional costs.

  • Camera 1 – Canon 5D mark iii
  • Camera 2 – Canon 5D mark ii
  • Lighting – 2 soft box lights
  • Video Tri Pod #1
  • Video Tri Pod #2
  • H4N Zoom Audio Recorder
  • Lapel Mic
  • Digital Content Hard Drive
  • Reflector Board
  • 64GB Memory SD cards


Additional Video & Production Add-ons:

  • Additional Camera or Red Camera
  • Multiple Shoot Locations or locations outside California
  • Studio Shoot
  • Photography
  • Voiceovers
  • Stock Footage
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Motion Graphics
  • Teleprompter