The veil in meditation

“With release, there is the knowledge, ‘Released.’ He discerns that ‘Birth is ended, the holy life fulfilled, the task done. There is nothing further for this world.’ That Kevaddha, is called the miracle of instruction.”

~ Buddha(Pali Canon)

Buddha spoke of traveling through a path of karma to reach a state of purity and enlightenment. Living in the world but not subject to the normal emotions of fear, lack, depression, anxiety, feeling unloved and many other forms of suffering.

His statement above reflects that release from Mara or the ego is the primary task to reach enlightenment. The question any seeker always asks is; how do I achieve that? How can I live that way experiencing the joy of life but free from the pain?

Unfortunately the answer can immediately be taken over by the ego which is always seeking a goal. Hence it can use even the very noble goal of enlightenment as its own.

It will cast a veil over how to reach that state of detachment from the meaning that the ego places on everything . The ego is always seeking to distract you from finding the divine. Even in meditation you will experience the white noise and constant thinking that the ego causes. In the stillness of meditation the noise of the ego can be heard clearer than during the daily thought processes that are necessary to make it through a day.

Piercing through that veil of distraction and white noise is the task of enlightenment. Once you are through, enlightenment sits quietly waiting. You are then unperturbed and effortlessly involved in the world but not attached to any outcome and guided through intuition and sure in the path that must be followed. The ego of course is constantly seeking outcome. I want this, I want that. You must do this, you must do that.

Awakening to the reality of enlightenment shows the quiet light of consciousness in you watching what happens through the events in daily life but experiencing joy at the outcome, whatever it may be. Even if it is not in accordance with the ego’s plan. That joy is divinely given and waits quietly for us to join with it.

Meditation is an excellent practice to commune with the divine and to reach a state close to the divine’s. Many practice meditation but many also do not reach the correct states to achieve enlightenment. Buddha described on the night of his enlightenment to reach through the veil; takes power of concentration. Unwavering and committed  he was speaking of focus and determination being used during meditation. States that perhaps aren’t normally associated with the practice of meditation.

That’s why the Tao te Ching offers this advice:

“The whole world says the Tao that I have attained is so great that It seems unreal.

Because It is indeed so great, thus It seemed unreal.

If It were real, It would have been insignificantly small.

I have Three Treasures that I hold and guard.

The first is Kindness.

The second is Simplicity.

The third is Humbleness.”

 These practices prepare your state prior to the practice of meditation  to reach into and truly connect with the divine.

If you want freedom, then mastering awakening to the truth and using the right path are essential to achieve it.

Are you ready to awaken?

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