Quieting the mind….Any minute now….mean while you have managed to scratch an itch on your ear, wiggle your nose to block a sneeze and have mentally made a grocery list in your head in under 30 seconds. The clarity that comes with mediation!

So with an increasing variety of meditation styles and traditions sweeping society how do you know which one works for your lifestyle and will help benefit your life. In short, any type of meditation will help you. Because it allows you to stop, relax, reflect and rest. However finding a style of meditation that fits your lifestyle is the key to incorporating the continual benefits of meditation into your life and your future.

Speaking as someone who has tried the guided, Yogi, iPod, mantra, silent and still styles I can confidently say there is a style of meditation out there for every type of thinker, and every type of lifestyle…

Find the right meditation style for you and your lifestyle…

Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Courses for TM are run throughout New Zealand and are taught to children and adults alike. The practice has been a popular pick for celebrities who meditate with everyone from Ellen De Generous, Russell Brand to Clint Eastwood standing by the benefits of the practice. Practice twice a day, for twenty minutes a day, the meditation is effortless; you can scratch, cough, and even think! Students are given a mantra and taught how to ‘transcend’ through meditation. An excellent practise for anyone who is new to meditation, or has trouble quieting the mind…


Kundalini is a style of yoga that focuses on breathing, mantra, energy and spirit.  Through breathe and movement, energy is released from the spine that heats up the body and challenges the body physically and mentally helping to stimulate organs, metabolism, immunity, the nervous system and the release of toxin and stress.  No two Kundalini classes are the same and this class is best experienced with an open mind and with no expectations.  It is a great style of meditative yoga for those who do not like sitting still for long periods of time, but also for people who are not brave enough to take on a yoga class that may involve more flexibility. Kundalini is more spiritually and mentally demanding than physical.

Guided Meditations

Whether it be in a class, course, or an iPod track, guided meditation can help to coach the mind and educate people who are new to the world of meditation on different options, types of mediation and connect with people who enjoy meditation.  You can search for a guided meditation from the comfort of your couch on iTunes, or venture out to one of the many classes or courses throughout the country.

Mindfulness Meditations

This is a popular form of meditation because it can be performed anywhere.  Mindfulness meditation is when you have an awareness of everything surrounding you and acknowledge nothing, simply letting sounds, smells and thoughts flow freely through you as you sit still with your eyes closed.

Spiritual Meditations

These are often linked to a religion and it is the act of prayer or worship to a god or belief.  It offers the mind a time to reflect, seek what you truly desire or a situation and then ask for assistance, forgiveness or simply give thanks.

Mantra Meditations

Mantra meditation incorporates a repeating chant, affirmation or om known as a mantra that helps to focus you and keep your mind present during meditation.


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