(1) Mentalism [-“All is the MIND”-]

The brain is a tool at our disposal. The mind governs our outlook onto life through the perception of how we view things, and our own senses. Ourselves, others, situations, and the moment you are in, is followed by the mind, the mind projects life for us. You must understand that we create how the brain sees, so we control the reality in which we are living from, at every moment we determine how we are viewing things : Mentalism is realizing that you that you have the power to do exactly that, and craft the reality that is best for your soul to live.

How can you use this [how I use it]: You control the reality of which you live. I craft mine to see the truth of life (which makes me happy). I only look to see the positive in situations, the great, the point to where I’d like to be all the while staying to realizing the moment that I am. I utilize my mental to its fullest capability so that I know that its not going unwasted, I use my powers for truth, which is all their is.

(2) Correspondence [-“As above so below”-]

This is the unconscious mind, which is the body. What we shape our minds to see will correspond as a feeling within the body. The mind is what guides the body in what it feels, and what it does, you think something with the mind (above) and then you get the reaction from the body (below). The correspondence happens any moment we have a thought.

How you can use this [how I use it]: The unconscious mind is what attracts us to things and what attracts things to us. If you only think of what makes you happy, love, up in the mind then you will only attract situations to you that are going to do the same. That’s how I use it, I correspond with my loving positive thoughts of what I really want, to attract myself forward into realizing those things in future situations.

(3) Vibration [-“Nothing ever is at rest, just a consistent vibration”-]

Everything carries a vibration to it. Any material that is within our material universe (which is all) including ourselves. WHAT I’VE NOTICED (about vibration): I’ve noticed that we are powerful though what ever comes into our awareness becomes stained by the vibrational frequency that we are resting at. The more aware we are to our vibration, the stronger the manipulation of our energy onto other things in our awareness is.

How you can use this [how I use it]: I focus on a constant realization that this is happening around me, and by doing that its causing me to vibrate higher, making my presence even stronger than what it was a minute ago. If you utilize yourself to acting upon these vibrations then you can be able to manipulate energy in any form that you wish, anything that you put your energy into is going to be a more productive learning experience because you realize the energy that you are putting forth into it.

(4) Polarity [-“(+), (-)”-]

Polarization as science calls it, Everything has A positive and A negative to it, there are never two separate sides to one thing because both sides are still of that thing, the two opposites are one of the same.

How you can use this [how I use it]: Once you see this you can realize that what you are viewing has an exact opposite to it. If you find yourself within a situation that you think is negative you can detach yourself to view the positive. What sees the positive and negative is you, you determine weather or not you are tuning into a positive frequency (vibration) or a negative frequency (vibration).

(5) Rhythm [-“Every action has a matched Reaction”-]

When you act through energy the energy gets matched through what you are doing. Everything gets matched from the energy that you put out. Through action or thought. Everything happens on manifestation, what you have previously acted or thought has brought you to the moment you are in now, and the same for future situations, everything happens in harmonious rhythm.

How you can use this [how I use this]: If you know that there are no mistakes for where you’re at then you can assume full responsibility. You can use the law of rhythm to act upon and think what it is that you want to see manifested, if you live in a constant harmony with the rhythm then things happen for you much quicker, and exactly how it was you expected them to.

(6) Cause and Effect [-“you give what you get”-]

What you do unto, comes back onto you (basically karma). The energy and situations that we create for others comes back unto us, the feelings and vibes we create are what we receive that simple.

How you can use this [how I use this]: Create the best, most remarkable memorable situations for people. Create for people all it is that you wish to have for yourself, treat others how you would like them to treat you, because through you creating the best situations for others, you are creating the best situations for yourself in return.

(7) Gender [-“All has a masculine energy, All has a feminine energy”-]

On the surface there are exact physical representations of the male and female, but that is a illusion because all possess a male and feminine among them. The male energy would be more analytic, and organized, driven, and focused. The feminine would be more open, tedious, creative, and just flowing where it is that it goes. You can even see this principle down to the aspect of the right and the left brain as they show how we use the energy.

How you can use this [how I use this]: Grow your realization to these energies and try to realize them within you. Once you can see both of them for what they are, the energies no longer are two separates but rather one whole, which is powerful because this is allowing your brain to be used at its fullest potential. Yes there is no such thing as a right brain or a left brain, their is only one brain, the complete whole. You now move forward with the dominant traits of both hemispheres of the brain, thus making you a genius of this physical realm.

These are in-fact the governing laws of earth and they are very simple, the key is that we must just realize and accept the truth that is there. We are all creators and manifestors of our life. We must just pursue the potential of our given gifts and utilize and enjoy them to the fullest. It often intrigues me noticing the workings of these because it is so amazing to see universal knowledge that has been known but unacknowledged for so many years.

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