All great inquiries start with a question, and the most meaningful question to be asked in regards to our existence is simply “why”. Why are we here? Why us? What is our purpose?

Although this question has been posed ad nauseum throughout human history, it oddly remains a rather taboo subject to bring up in modern society. Outside of domains of intensive spiritual work this question is sparsely acknowledged, which is partially a result of the tremendous fear and apprehension it evokes. We thought this to be a great opportunity to explore this most profound question and thereby understand our most deeply rooted longings as human beings in the overall objective of discerning how it is we ought to proceed here as active agents in the world.

To put it simply, we are here to be free. Our highest calling is that of eliciting a quality of freedom amidst the movement of our own perceptions. Freedom of perception is absolutely integral to the expansion of consciousness collectively, for it is only when we ourselves have firstly become uninhibited, unconstrained, unhinged, that we may then act as conduits of that which is higher, The OverMind, the eternal frequency of the universe. This is simply to say that when we cease to stand on our toes existentially, when our most deeply rooted insecurities have been acknowledged and thereby transcended, then we invariably come to proceed as direct vehicles of pure consciousness.

Freedom is the highest order of human existence. When consciousness is free to move, roam, wander at its own discretion only then can we give way to the unveiling of our deepest and fullest potential. To meet our greatest potential is to be one with God, in a certain sense, and herein we engender the deepest quality of fulfillment attainable.

So, it is only when awareness has been set free from its conditioning, by which we mean the patterns of being that have been imposed upon it by culture, that an abiding sense of fulfillment is accessible. Freedom is fulfillment.

A mind that is not free will inexorably act out of its conditioning, and thereby it is ultimately digressive and detrimental to the evolution of mankind. Without this sense of freedom, this quality of perceptual flexibility and looseness, we will experience sorrow. Without freedom there will inevitably arise pain.

The free mind is intrinsically counter-cultural, for culture is comprised foremostly of our unconscious movements as a collective. Revolt is the natural trajectory of the individual who is no longer capitulated to an authority either inner or outer. The expansion of consciousness comes with great responsibility, though surely a necessary responsibility if we are to reexamine and therein revitalize the world around us. Freedom within induces positive change without.

The “Why” is then the freeing up of the movement of our respective perceptions in the overarching work of fundamentally changing the societal paradigm, which is such a necessity in the world today. Our purpose is essentially that of being free, of being entirely without internally induced limitations, for it is only in such a state that this precious quality that we call Love is allowed to blossom. Love is that which lies at the core of human life and acts as the very glue that sticks the universe together. Where there is freedom, there is the flowering of love. This is the essence of our existence.

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