If you’re currently plagued by general anxiety, negative thinking, or irrational emotional reactions to simple daily events – courage may indeed end up being your best friend.

Courage is the dividing line between succumbing to your fear, anxiety, and over-thinking…and taking action in spite of those things.

It’s very, very difficult to remain skeptical and cynical when reality is bringing its good fortune to you repeatedly and synchronously through your changes in behavior.

Few will accept that our choice of action is what fuels the life circumstances we find ourselves in.

Fewer consciously recognize that we have the innate ability to view situations and circumstances that initially seem “bad” or “unlucky” in new ways that empower us to change those very situations and circumstances in the first place.

Positive thinking – not to be confused with wishful thinking or willful ignorance – is a skeleton key that unlocks not only the higher levels of consciousness from within you, but allows you to think and behave more optimally.

Courage is the gateway to just such an optimization of consciousness.

Courage is a New Level of Consciousness

In his stellar book “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness“, Dr. David Hawkins describes and rates the different levels of consciousness, from lowest to highest:




Courage is the dividing line between the lower levels and the higher, more empowering levels.

Great detail is taken to outline what each level is truly composed of, and how it relates to the levels that surround it.

He asserts (and quite accurately, I might add) that the longer we spend in the lower levels, the more disempowered we become. The more we entertain negative, anxious thinking – the more of it we’ll have to be negative and anxious over.

People who are below the level of courage (which is given a rating of 200 – you’ll have to read the book to understand Hawkins’ scale of reference here) will naturally see the world as hopeless, dangerous, full of evil and greed, etc.

Conversely, when we consciously choose to shift our thinking and behavior, we by very definition become more conscious.

The longer we stay in the higher states, the more empowered and free from material circumstances we feel.

The more conscious you allow yourself to become, the less of a struggle your basic day-to-day life is going to become.

People who are at Courage Consciousness or above (over 200) will naturally see the world as a treasure trove of opportunity. They realize they don’t need to be the victim of circumstance they once believed themselves to be. They understand that change starts with the individual, and anything they want to make happen is a direct result of conscious will, intent, action, and refinement of action.

I can attest to this myself. Having started two businesses in the last year alone, I would have never been able to overcome my personal anxiety over the fear of success and failure were it not for the information and insight in Dr. Hawkins’ incredible book.

Personal stories aside, what this all boils down to is that your assessment of risk changes drastically.

You still recognize something as being risky, dangerous, scary, etc – BUT you consciously recognize these things as an immediate (and often irrational) response to your external environment.

You see it for all that it truly is: just a stimulus – of which, you’re free to respond to in a variety of ways.

Just understanding this point is incredibly empowering! When you realize this, fear begins to shrink automatically.

Suddenly, you find yourself within a new domain of personal power.

You feel empowered (rather than restricted) no matter what the external world is offering you today.

Now, here’s where the real magic happens: when you exercise Courage Consciousness consciously (say that five times fast), you directly impact your external reality through your behaviors in a way that allows for your needs to be met much, much more easily!

THIS is why “the rich get richer” in the spiritual/consciousness sense!


Question, Reflect, Transcend

Courage is the threshold to new levels of consciousness experience, in that you must exercise courage (no matter how much or how little) at first even while your fears and anxieties still “seem real” for you.

Just as it takes muscle to build muscle, we must exercise Courage as much as possible to build up our relationship to that level of consciousness.

In this way, it becomes our default state of being.

As long as you choose to avoid facing what you currently perceive to be difficult and uncomfortable, your fear and anxiety will increase.

The second you choose to no longer entertain those levels of consciousness, said fears move, shift, and dissolve like a shadow moving toward a light source.

The psychological barriers of the human condition can almost always be traced back to a suboptimal choice of perception within an individual’s consciousness.

You have the power to choose to transcend your internal and external limitations by choosing to align yourself with virtues and experiences that liberate – rather than constrict – your personal freedoms.

You are that individual.

You are that chooser of perception.

You are what you choose to do.

Choose Courage, and watch as your world transforms from a prison of lost souls, into a playground for endless abundance, self-discovery, and growth.

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