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Escape the Prison of Your Mind

In this video, Eckhart Tolle explains that we must get our usual, conditioned, limited thoughts out of the way. We must become mentally silent. That silence leaves room for the voice of wisdom from

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Meditation – Can it Actually Heal? Scientists Say Yes

The practice of meditation can be considered as one of the most effective tools to cultivate a healing dialogue when diagnosed with cancer. Within the last ten years, studies of contemplative neuroscience and the

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Energizing Your Food and Water with “The Observer Effect” Principles

Within The Observer Effect Series we have been exploring topics of how the power of ones mind and what we think can have a direct affect on the outcome of what we are observing and interacting

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How Consciousness Drives the UniversePlay

How Consciousness Drives the Universe

The Empowering Team came across this fascinating video recently. It discusses how Consciousness Drives the Universe.

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Bounce Back After Severe Stress

December 5, 2012 by FinerMinds Team, Stress is something we all encounter, although the severity of it, and how it affects us, depends on our individual circumstances and the way we respond to it. Is

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How to Create With Your ThoughtsPlay

How to Create With Your Thoughts

Your Words and Thoughts Have Physical

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