Does everyone that you work with make you grind your teeth? Is one more click of a pen, or loud slurp of a coffee going to send you postal in your work space? Do you wake up dreading the working week? Do you spend the 9-5 looking at the bending hand of a clock that ticks slower than a traffic jam when you are busting for the bathroom? You, dear friend, are in the wrong job! And these are the keys you have been waiting for, make sure you use them to set yourself free!

Ask yourself, do you love what you do?

Remember that book, ‘He’s just not that into you?’ Let’s turn the tables for a second and apply the same rules to your career. Would you be willing to say ‘I do’ and commit to your job, for life? Think of your job as a relationship – are you having a meaningless affair? Casual sex? With your High school sweetheart? Have you meet your soul mate? If you had to label your relationship with your job, what would it be? The key? Keep searching for that job that you would settle down with.

Now let’s get real. Straight shoot with me. Do you love what you do? There is no grey area here, it is very black and white, a yes or no answer will do. Do you? Don’t you?  Soul satisfaction isn’t rocket science, if it brings joy to your life, if it serves, helps, grows, inspires or educates others, if you are leaving the world a better place each and every day you get home from work then you will find it far more motivating when you hit your alarm button on a cold Monday morning to get up and go to work. So be honest, do you actually love your work?

Ask yourself, are you good at what you do? You don’t want to be living on Struggle Street, trust me it is a real place. When you find every day at work an uphill climb, you are constantly stressed, overworked, out of your league or feeling over your head then I would argue maybe that job is not your souls purpose. Don’t get me wrong it needs to challenge you, but shouldn’t morph you into eye-twitching-zombie-thinking-teeth-grinding-madness if you get my jist.

Ask yourself, does anyone need what you do? This is a biggy. Who is it serving, lots of people tend to let the terminal soul eating virus that is ego boss them through their career. So if you are chasing money, fame, status then one could argue that you are currently in direct report to your head. If you are chasing service, duty, and ultimately trying to be of environmental or humanitarian impact then you are safely in the heart zone. You soul is clearly in charge. So if your career is focused on a product or service then what’s the motive. Them, or you? Tick if it is them. Boo if it is you.

Ask yourself, can you survive off what you do? One of the biggest mistakes us spiritual peeps can make is thinking that abundance is the root of all evil. When you embrace success, abundance and a soul service collectively your perception on money changes. You see it as an energy source that is vital in you helping to impact more lives by getting your product or service to more people. So, stop giving away so much of your product, time or energy and accept that it is important you are paid for your contribution.

You now have the keys to unlocking and finding an enlightening career. The thing about keys is they are good for nothing if you don’t find the right door to put them in. So get knocking, start searching, and most importantly don’t stop seeking until you find what you are looking for in life. Finding, after all, is reserved for those who seek!

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