Money flows to those who create. Particularly those who create better lives for other people.

If you want to be wealthy, start helping people. Money is an idea. Its value comes from what we think about it. It’s a currency to represent an exchange of energy. What you give, you get. The more people you can help, the more the Universe helps you in return.

Start helping people. We all have things we are good at in some way. The greater you can affect people’s lives in a positive way, the more you will become enriched. Immediately you will FEEL rich when you give and help people. Do it for free. Give hugely and freely.

The most important thing about this is that you have you feel extremely good! While you’re feeling really good, just start helping people through your gift or expertise or in any way you can. This should feel like an inspired action.

Have you noticed those that create the biggest benefit are also the ones that receive the most abundance? How many lives do you think Bill Gates has affected? How many people have watched Angelina Jolie in a movie? How many people have heard an Adele song? It’s the entrepreneurs who create products or services. It’s the athletes, musicians, and actors that create experiences for so many people. These people are creating the most betterment. Let the detail of setting up your project go and focus on how you can make an impact today. Go out of your way to share a part of you.

People who are business savvy should help everyone they can to create a better business. If you are a healer or massage therapist, give away tons of sessions. Figure out ways to leverage your gift in the biggest way possible and this contribution has to return to you.

The best thing about this is how great it feels to make people happier and bettering the world. You send out ripples into the Universe! When you help someone in a beautiful and impactful way, what do they want to do? They usually go out and give to 10 more people! Then those people to 10 more. This creates a butterfly effect that snowballs into a better world.

Using your gift also makes you better at sharing it. It’s easy to hide away your talent. It’s easy to keep your insight or art or creations to yourself. But it’s a disservice to the world to not share what you have to offer. It is a disservice! The world needs you. Share your gift with every person you can get your hands on. Uplift every person possible. Happiness is the greatest benefit you can give. You’ll notice the correspondence before you know it.

You become what you give. What you give is also the only thing you keep. It is your legacy. Your whole past is your legacy. Create the future where you do something extraordinary. Start one on one.

Your beauty and generosity will inspire everyone. You will awaken a giant within you that you had no idea you had. Give. Be the blessing you were born to be.

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