Nanci Besser

About the Author Nanci Besser

Nanci Besser is the Creator of The Kindness Group. She is an Author, Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher. Her mission is to inspire personal transformations via her gentle anthem of “Go Kindly.” ™ No matter who you are or what you do, once you choose to practice kindness without exception you will experience the positive effect of kindness without exception. As a frequent contributor and author, Nanci creates original content on a variety of engaging topics such as kindness, self-compassion, empathy, social awareness, emotional intelligence, relationships, grief, organizational development and leadership. Nanci is certified in the art of Conflict Resolution and Mediation. She teaches redefining kindness through mindfulness via different modalities such as workshops, seminars, private coaching and Pilates. She has trained and mentored over 1,000 private clients. Her heart belongs to philanthropic outreach to support US Veterans. In 2009, she founded “32 Favors,” a micro philanthropy project demonstrating the qualitative shift and revolutionary transformations of sharing kindness one favor at a time.