Britt Wilcox

About the Author Britt Wilcox

My name is Britt Wilcox. I am a client associate for Wells Fargo Financial Advisors, a model, and an avid cook. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At 18, I moved to Miami where my modeling career gave me the opportunity to travel to Italy, France, New York and Miami. Knowing that I wanted to do more than model, I went to college at the University of Minnesota where I studied nutrition, biology, chemistry, and communications, earning my degree in just 3 years. I am using this time, in my twenties, to open myself up to as much as possible. I continue to pursue my passions like cooking, nutrition, working out, writing, learning about different cultures, travel and art. My true passion is cooking and nutrition and I have a cooking blog ( I produce with my sister. I make straightforward whole foods that are readily available. No fads... just making simple, awesome. I share my extensive knowledge of science and nutrition. I hope to help people make their lives better with healthy smart food choices.