Kate King

About the Author Kate King

Kate King is a Vibrational Gemstone Jeweller. In 2000 Kate experienced a serious health challenge that could not be explained by allopathic medicine. She explored alternative methods to regain her health and studied Ayurveda, Quantum Physics, NLP, and Feng Shui in her journey. Ayurveda is one of the first forms of medicine that includes the use of gemstone therapy. As Kate began using gemstones in her quest for health, she discovered that different stones had different results and some gemstones created an adverse effect. After a two year journey back to wellness, she dedicated herself to understanding the frequency of gemstones and how they can be used to manage the physical vibration. Kate established Kate King Jewellery in 2004 and has since built an international business dedicated to empowering people to make conscious decisions on the gemstones they wear to harmonize their vibrational signature. We are able to use gems to reduce stress, foster happiness and success. She travels internationally to source gem material and to work with those that understand the power of vibrational gemstones. She is a designer, manufacturer, educator, motivational coach and Vibrational Consultant.

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