Candace van Dell

About the Author Candace van Dell

After spending nearly 18 years in the fashion and entertainment industry, Candace transitioned into her life long passion as a spiritual coach, teacher and author, sharing her wisdom through her YouTube channel "Truth Room TV", social media, website and her first book that will be published in early 2016. Candace grew up very energetically sensitive and intuitive and in 2010 decided to make her gifts her service. In 2010 she received her Yoga Teacher Certification from PURE yoga in New York City. She completed a two year Masters program in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2013, and was certified as a Reiki practitioner in Los Angeles in 2015. Candace specializes in teaching tools that facilitate a consistent connection to your true self rather than the idealized version of perfection and comparison which she calls the “Ideal vs. Real” state. “You can not find confirmation of your soul in a world built on ego.” She works with many models and actors as well as business leaders, students and teachers from all over the world via Skype.

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