Vicki Higgins

About the Author Vicki Higgins

Vicki Higgins is an international business strategist and speaker on the topics of Business Growth, Marketing for Travel & Tourism, Marketing Training for Teams, Marketing Tips for Start Ups, Business Growth and Intuition, and Stress Management for Executives. Vicki was in Corporate America for almost 20 years and reached the level of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Newport Beach & Company. She headed up marketing world-wide with offices in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and China. Vicki is a Certified Destination Management Executive - a certification held by fewer than 500 people in the world. Her impressive career includes generating millions for Los Angeles Tourism, ATA Airlines, sponsorship deals with the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, and she started her career with the Indiana Pacers Basketball Team. Vicki also has her MBA. She is a published author of 5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan, No Mistakes, and Radiate vs. React. She utilizes her background in personal development to train employees to be most efficient with their time, tips to handle stress, and motivates them to effectively perform their daily work duties.

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