Melissa Wilson

About the Author Melissa Wilson

Melissa is the author and/or co-author of 15 books, five that have been on best-seller lists. Her latest book, Networking is Dead: Creating Connections that Matter, she co-authored with one of her favorite colleagues, Larry Mohl, who had been the head of leadership at a division of Motorla and American Express. Melissa started Networlding Publishing because her top value (which she discovered after helping more than 5000 people learn Networlding) is “making a difference.” Melissa found that she could make the biggest difference by following her “Power-of-Ten” Networlding process. This involves helping at least ten thought leaders a year publish books. So far her clients have included people like the head of diversity of Hewitt, the head of HR for Mercer, the head of a division of Allstate, a seven-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and many more.

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